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Board of Directors

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ERNWACA is managed by a Board of Directors which defines the policy and the orientation of the network and also helps to generate funds for the Network in a long-term basis.

Responsibilities of ERNWACA Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is the supreme body of ERNWACA and defines ERNWACA policy and orientations :

  • Appoints the Regional Coordinator for a 3-year renewable term ;
  • Validates new membership to the network
  • Determines the nature of incentives and sanctions to be applied to the network on the proposal of the regional coordination ;
  • Sets the amount of annual dues for national networks ;
  • Participates in resource mobilization.

Members of the Board of Directors

  1. Prof. Adjibadé Kazali ADEGOKE, Chairman of ERNWACA Board of Directors, National Coordinator of ERNWACA-Nigeria, Lagos
  2. Minister of Education of Mali, Representing Ministers of Education of francophone member Countries / Mali
  3. Minister of Education of the Gambia, Representing Ministers of Education on anglophone member countries / Gambia
  4. Naïm Deen SALAMI, National Coordinator ERNWACA-Benin , Porto Novo
  5. Samuel MAWETE, National Coordinator ERNWACA-Congo, Brazzaville
  6. Elizabeth Vukeh TAMAJONG, ERNWACA-Cameroon, Buea
  7. Brehima TOUNKARA, Partner, Ouagadougou
  8. Ida JALLOW-SALLAH, ERNWACA Regional Executive Secretary, Bamako